Rs 100 billion misappropriation in 3 years: Ch Parvez Elahi challenges Shehbaz Sharif

ممنون حسین نے حکومتی سپاسنامہ وزیراعظم کی خدمت میں پیش کر دیا: چودھری پرویزالٰہی
May 2, 2014
Strong protest to be staged against corruption and anti-people budget, Mahmoodul Rasheed meeting with Ch Parvez Elahi
May 4, 2014
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<strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Rs 100 billion misappropriation <span data-term=”goog_867264780″>in 3 years</span>: Ch Parvez Elahi challenges Shehbaz Sharif</span></strong>

<strong><em>Presenting proofs about corruption, irregularities in every project including jangla bus and orange line which are confirmed by Auditor General reports</em></strong>

<strong><em>N-League land mafia has occupied land worth Rs28 billion in Lahore Division only, like elder brother younger brother has also increased debt of Punjab to Rs 712 billion from Rs 267 billion</em></strong>

<strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”> </span></strong>

<strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Lahore: 02-06-</span></strong><strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>2017:</span></strong> Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior central leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi has said that minimum of Rs 100 billion have been misappropriated in only last three years in the development projects of Punjab and thrown a challenge to Shehbaz Sharif to come on any forum as to what he has done with our tenure’s prosperous and surplus Punjab during last nine years.

Addressing a press conference at his residence here today (<span data-term=”goog_867264781″>Friday</span>), he said that we are presenting proofs about corruption and irregularities in every project including jangla bus and orange line, N-League has become land mafia which has occupied land worth Rs 28 billion in Lahore Division only, “badey Mian Tau Badey Mian Chhotey Mian bhi Subhan Allah” who has increased loans of Punjab to Rs 712 billion which were only Rs 267 billion during our government and still both are giving shabash and terming each other hero.

Replying to a question, he said for Shehbaz Sharif saving is what goes into his pocket. He said in 2007 last education of our government in Punjab was 11. 46 per cent of total budget i.e. Rs 45 billion 12 crore whereas current year education budget was less than half as compared to our budget and just see what condition Shehbaz Sharif has pushed his Daanish Schools, for construction of these schools payments of Rs 4. 88 billion were declared illegal and jangla bus project itself is illegal, Auditor General has also said that ECNEC has not approved it, there is no record of about Rs one billion in the project, record was also burnt in the fire In LDA building whereas escalators at jangla bus stations Rs 16. 35 crore were misappropriated by procuring these from China instead from Europe as per its PC-1 and most of these are non-functional, illegal excess payments of Rs 32 crore were made by quoting higher rates of different material items, jangla bus daily subsidy is Rs 70 lakhs and <span data-term=”goog_867264782″>in four years</span> have paid total subsidy of Rs 10. 30 billion, similarly annual loss is of more than Rs 2. 5 billion.

Ch Parvez Elahi said “they say orange line is investment of China but I am showing you a document of the federal government which says it is a loan secured from China, only in this project we have been put under debt of Rs 128 billion”. He said due to construction of defective pillars in this project Rs 6 billion loss has so far been caused but no action has been taken against the contractor.

He said Shehbaz Sharif do not like our peoples welfare projects, we had made a project as Chirah Dam Islamabad to supply 25 billion gallons of drinking water to Rawalpindi and Islamabad daily cost of which was Rs one billion and land was also procured for Rs 56 crore, because of their dilly dallying tactics cost of this project has now escalated to Rs 17 billion, we had undertaken special works for construction and repairs of dams and canals, but their contractor had run away during repairs of Upper Chenab Canal and Trimmu Barrage project of Rs 61 crore but he was made 100 per cent payments, likewise in Cholistan failure of two development projects including Saaf Paani provision loss of Rs 33 crore had occurred, in 2014 by using less than required tar coal in construction of roads in the province loss of Rs 1. 20 billion was caused. #

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